Design Websites and
Manage Cloud Infrastructure
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Build stunning websites with an AI-powered hybrid approach. Design cloud-native apps with a universal abstraction and AI-driven optimization. Design and provision your cloud infrastructure from a single, AI-assisted dashboard.


A FREE AI-powered Website Builder

A free but powerful AI-powered low-code tool to develop websites with a hybrid approach.
Use plain english commands to design web pages of any complexity in seconds.

An AI alternative to Figma

Use plain english commands to design web pages of any complexity in seconds.

Build Prototypes / HTML Mockups which are close to the real websites and simulates all the complex functionalites like navigation, SPA reactivity etc.

Eliminates the need of converting design to code from time to time in order to keep design and code in sync.

Built-in Page Designer

Unlike infinite page builders (e.g. Elementor, Divi, Oxygen etc) for WordPress, MechCloud comes with built-in AI-powered page designer eliminating the endless search for the best page designer/builder.

No Hosting Required

Unlike WordPress, there is no hosted version of MechCloud which eliminates the confusion between SaaS and hosted offerings.

No Plugin Hell

All the basic features (analytics, advanced identity and access management, page builder etc), which otherwise require third party plugins in case of WordPress, are built into MechCloud.

Superior Multitenancy

Dedicated infrastructure for a zone ( a logical container for the users from one or more countries )

Pin a tenant to a zone to meet strict data residency requirements.

Support for custom domain.

Distributed Components Architecture

Components (e.g. UI, Cloud infrastructure, Sales etc) can be hosted by the users/partners in their own infrastructure (e.g. CDN) and will be consumed by MechCloud on the fly.

Support for consuming the components from private network(s) without exposing such components to the internet.

Superior Partner Support

Dedicated tenant type for onboarding a partner.

Partners can create/manage their own tenants.

A Visualization First and Stateless Approach
to Cloud Computing Infrastructure Management

Discover and visualize your cloud computing infrastructure in seconds
and track changes in real-time from a single UI.
Provision infrastructure with a stateless approach without storing remote state similar to kubernetes.

All Hyperscalers Supported

Supports all the three hyperscalers -
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP

Discovery and visualization

Discover and visualize your hyperscaler infrastructure across AWS, Azure and GCP in seconds. See all the demos here.
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Real-time discovery and visualization

Use a tool/client of your choice (CLI, IaC, REST API, SDKs etc) to provision your infrastructure and MechCloud will discover and visualize it in real-time. No manual discovery required.
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Stateless Provisioning

Design and provision cloud computing infrastructure right from the MechCloud UI.

Unlike Terraform, Pulumi etc, MechCloud does NOT store state to reconcile the desired state.
Coming Soon

Maintenance free cloud services catalog

MechCloud offers maintenance free but personalized cloud services catalog which will be in sync with hyperscalers' catalogs all the time without updating such catalogs manually.
Coming Soon

Visualize any public cloud infrastructure

While MechCloud supports AWS, Azure and GCP out of the box, you can leverage its distributed component architecture to design, provision and discover any public cloud infrastructure.
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